How Being a Business Owner Can Cure Procrastination!

As I’ve learned, creating a successful business in Hawaii can be a labor of love. I’m cured from the depressing traps of feeling  indecisive and being a procrastinator! You are worthy of a life full of happiness, not just a mere existence. There are immediate benefits to being your own boss. Your main life-line depends on your passion and effort. To truly live the life of your dreams, one must engage in the present completely and become absorbed with following their heart.

The truth is there really is no “secret“… but you do need to understand the step-by-step blueprint to materializing measurable results.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that progress, not perfection, is your goal.
  • Track your goals on a calendar or in a personal organizer. Keep your goals reasonable and check off each one when you are finished.

For further information, read the article on “How to Stop Procrastinating”, by!

Remember… If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

(Anthony Robbins) 


Co-Branding Your Business

Is Your Business in the Loop?
By now every business both large and small has a web site. If you’ve spent anytime online however, you’ll quickly find that all web sites are not created equal–particularly when it comes to sites designed and developed by business owners themselves.

2009 Fusion Marketing

Those that are likely collaborators or fusion marketing alliances are power partners. A “power partner” is a business that has a similar target market as yours but doesn’t really compete with you. Examples of this are an estate planning attorney and a life insurance salesperson; a graphic designer and a printer; a real estate professional and a mortgage broker; a wedding photographer and a caterer or disc jockey. I think when you look at these examples you start to get the idea. The number of power partners or fusion marketing partners is only limited by your imagination.